It's a rollercoaster of a story.

Gonna delete my Tumblr…
So….it was nice knowing ya, or whatever.

I’m not good at goodbyes.

I need a partner who is down for anything, anywhere and anytime. If we’re driving home from dinner one night, and I’m incredibly horny and can’t wait til we get home, I expect you to park the car somewhere and fuck me. Then, take me home and fuck me again. I remember once, we left some place and while I was roaming around aimlessly, she looked at me and said, “wanna have sex?” and of course I said yes, and we parked somewhere and did just that. Don’t limit our sex life to the bedroom, because if you do, you’ll surely lose me. 

I don’t think the people in my life realize how hard it is for me to wake up every morning and pretend like things are better. Every day I get phone calls, “Feeling better?” and at some point these people expect me to say “yes”. I haven’t “felt better” in at least a year and a half. People confuse my…getting through the day, with “better”. It’s really hard knowing that any second your whole outlook on the day can be turned upside down, having to worry every day if it’s coming back, if anxiety is going to take over every inch of your body. Every day is a fight and lately, I feel like I’m losing and I don’t have the energy to fight anymore..